TCS is driven by a passion for innovation. We offer effective cutting solutions to design and scheduling inefficiencies by using the full potential of precision based Waterjet cutting

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integrity, reliability and commitment to outstanding service and products



To ensure our client's success by helping them discover the full potential waterjet cutting has to offer the fabrication and manufacturing industry.

Providing our customers with specialized support services offering unique, innovative design options which will help them gain a competitive advantage in their markets.

To be a recognized leader in the industrial waterjet cutting industry by virtue of our unique combined engineering knowledge coupled with our intricate understanding of our machines and technology. We aim to sustain our vision and mission by constantly seeking renewal via research, development and the application of new technologies and best business practices.

Provide a growth oriented working environment which encourages our employees to be highly productive and to grow personally and professionally.


service with integrity

to build our reputation based on the virtues of our integrity, reliability and commitment to outstanding service and products.

we are the industry leaders in industrial 2D and 3D processing. Our machine knowledge coupled with our engineering experience results in value based solutions.